Saturday, July 9, 2011

Schedule Revision: Added Layout to Sunday Morning

Registration for NC RailRun 2011 is going very well and we have actually reached capacity at some layouts.  To help meet the demand, we have made a schedule revision.

Sunday morning, the Blue Ridge & White Mountain Railroad will operate from 9AM until 1PM, making this the only railroad currently on the schedule that will be operating twice.  Our thanks to Chuck Batherson for agreeing to host a second session.

The Friday afternoon session on the Blue Ridge & White Mountain Railroad has had all of its slots filled, so those of you who still would like to operate on that railroad can now do so on Sunday morning.

Those of you who signed up for the Charleston, Roanoke & Eastern Railway on Sunday morning can now choose to either stay on that railroad or operate on the Blue Ridge & White Mountain instead.  If you would like to change your Sunday morning arrangements, please email the registrar and let us know your intentions.

All registrations can be made online at