Saturday Layouts

Please note that the operating schedule for our event is subject to change.  Updates will be made to the blog as needed.  Please see below for more detailed descriptions of the layouts planned for each operating day.

KK&L Railroad

The KK&L is a midwestern freelanced railroad set in the late steam to early diesel era.  Anytime from 1950 to 1970 can be represented on the railroad.  Mixed freight and passenger trains move along the mainline of this large railroad, which supports a steel mill, grain silos, and many online industries.

The HO Scale KK&L Railroad occupies 1500 square feet of space and has a mainline extending 600 feet.  Approximately 10% of the scenery has been completed, with about 40% of the scenery underway.  The railroad is operated with the Digitrax system and supports both the simplex and duplex radio systems.  Dispatching is currently handled with a notebook keeping track of authority, and a board with track schematic is being added.  Cars move using the car card and waybill system.

Visitors attending the KK&L session can choose from one dispatcher job, five yard crew jobs, and several road crew assignments.  The layout owner asks that attendees bring a Digitrax throttle if possible.

The layout owner is allowing attendees to bring their own motive power to run if desired.  All visiting power will be logged in and tested before being added to the roster for the operating session.

Access from the outside of the layout area is via a walkway and stepping stones.

Knight Brothers & Dad Railroad, LLC

The KB&D Railroad represents Norfolk Southern's Salisbury-Asheville, NC, "S Line" and is set in the present time.  Norfolk Southern road trains operate over the line on a double-deck railroad that features some of the scenic highlights of this locally favorite rail line.

The KB&D is an HO Scale railroad occupying a 24 X 24 garage space.  The mainline extends more than 400 feet and is controlled by the Digitrax system.  Both simplex and duplex radio throttles can be used to run trains.  Scenery is about 99% complete on the railroad.  Dispatching is done verbally and cars are moved using the the car card and waybill system.

Crews can sign up for one dispatcher position, 5-7 yard crew positions, and a number of road crew duties.  The layout owner asks that participants bring Digitrax throttles if possible.

The layout is handicap accessible (aside from possible aisle width restrictions).  Assistance may be necessary to access the bathroom in the house.  For specific questions regarding your situation, please contact us so we can work with the layout owner to determine any limitations.

Photo of KB&D by Rick Knight.

Norfolk Southern Pocahontas District

The Norfolk Southern Pocahontas District extends between Bluefield and Williamson, WV, on the coal-rich Pocahontas Division of Norfolk Southern.  The railroad represents present day coal hauling between those two locations, plus branchlines, and includes a lot of heavy freight and intermodal traffic.  This is big-time mountain railroading.

This N Scale fully double-decked railroad runs around the walls and through a center peninsula in an 18 X 42 space.  Scenery is approximately 98% complete and represents the fall color season in the West Virginia mountains.  The railroad is controlled using the Digitrax system (simplex radio or corded throttles).  Dispatching is verbal, using FRS radios and a magnet board to keep track of train movements on two dispatching territories.  Automatic Block Signals are used, and are currently being changed out to the N&W color position light style.  Car forwarding for local car movements is done with labels on top of the cars indicating destination.

Crews can sign up for one or two dispatcher positions, two  yard crew jobs, and a number of road freight positions.  The layout owner asks visitors to bring Digitrax throttles and FRS radios if possible.

Handicap accessibility is limited due to a duck-under to get into the layout room, which is in a basement.  Once inside the room, operation of trains will not involve the duckunder.  Please contact us regarding your specific situation so we can work with the layout owner to determine possibilities for access.

Photos of Pocahontas District by Scott Teague.

Piedmont and Western Railroad

The Piedmont & Western is a freelanced railroad set in western North Carolina and Virginia, extending into the Piedmont of North Carolina.  Set in the early-to-mid 1950's, both steam and diesel locomotives move freight and passenger trains over the P&W.  The railroad is a bridge route from the midwest to the southeast, with very active online industry.  Coal is a major traffic generator to the south.

The HO Scale railroad is built in two buildings.  One building is 20X20 and the other is 12X40.  The 600 foot mainline is controlled using the Digitrax system (both simplex and duplex radio).  Scenery is approximately 80% complete and represents the fall color season.  Dispatching is via station telephone connections to the dispatcher, appropriate for the era.  A car card/waybill system displays the car routing, destination, and consignee for each car on the railroad.

Attendees can choose from one dispatcher position, one assistant dispatcher position, four yard crews plus three assistants, and a large number of road assignments.  This is a big railroad with a lot of traffic to move.

Handicap access to the railroad is limited by several outside steps down to the main building and three steps into the second structure.  Aisles are fairly narrow.  Restroom is in the residence nearby.  Please contact us with specific details of your situation so we can work with the layout owner to help determine accessibility.